Trial Tips!

It's not every day that you get married, or have a bridal hair and makeup trial, so I hope these tips are helpful in preparing for the appointment!

1. Bring a variety of inspiration pics, for both hair and makeup - most people bring hair pics, but not for makeup! It is just as important to think about the style of makeup you would like ahead of your trial. Look at images of real brides, not just highly airbrushed images on Pinterest/insta, as they are unrealistic.

💋 2. When looking for hair ideas, consider your own hair type and look for images of hair similar to your own - in colour, length and thickness. 💋 3. Wear a white / light coloured top and similar neckline if possible, to help visualise the look! Wearing a roll neck jumper, or bright pattern top won’t give you the best idea of how things will look on the day.

💋 4. Come wearing your everyday makeup or bring a photo of you made-up, so your makeup artist can get an idea for how much you wear usually. 💋 5. Voice your opinion at the trial and don’t be afraid to say if you aren’t sure on something, hair and makeup is very personal, and that is what your trial is for 💋 6. Think about how you would like to look overall and think about the feel of your wedding. A casual & rustic day might suit a more relaxed look with plaits and natural makeup, or if you are having a black tie wedding you might want to go for something more glam and redcarpet-esque BUT there are no rules!

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