FAQ's Answered!

Is it possible to get a make up artist who also does hair and visa vera?

Yes, some makeup artists will have trained in hairstyling alongside makeup, like myself, as it’s usually a requirement for those working in film and the media.

What is a hair and make up trial and why do I need one?

The trial is your chance to meet your makeup artist and make sure you click! Try out a few things if you are unsure on what to go for, and discuss what might work best with a professional, taking into account your skin type, hair type, colour schemes, personal style and vision!

How should I prepare for my hair and make up trial. what do I need to bring?

Bring along some inspiration images from pinterest, blogs etc of the style of makeup and hairstyles you like. Veils and hair accessories should ideally be brought along to try with the hairstyle as well. Hair should be clean/dry and free of styling products.

What happens if there are 5 bridesmaids, Mother of the bride, and MIL all wanting hair and make up?

I am lucky to have a trusted pro team who accompany me on larger bookings so we can work alongside each other. Make sure to discuss this when you enquire, and let me know your ceremony time.

How much time should I allow on the day for my hair and make up?

1hr30 on the day is usually a good time frame. (for the bride) Once you have confirmed your requirements, I will put together a running order for the morning with time slots for everyone.

I have sensitive skin and I am worried about what products might work?

There are certain products that work better for sensitive skin, although it can be a case of trial and error, as what works for some might not for others. This is what you can establish at the trial. If you have found a particular product that works well for your skin condition I am happy to use it.

If you are travelling to my home or the venue do I need to have anything available for you?

The essentials for us to set up are; Good natural light, mirror, plug sockets (we bring extension leads) and some table space.

Do you offer Tattoo Cover up and is this charged separately?

Yes! Please ask for a quote as this is dependant on the size of the tattoo.

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