Investing in a new skincare regime and tips for winter

As the weather is getting colder, many will find their skin changing - mine has gone from being quite oily during the summer to already feeling pretty crappy and dehydrated with dry patches - yuk!

So I headed to Space NK for some help with choosing some new products. I highly recommend Space NK as they stock a huge selection of specialist brands and the staff are extremely knowledgeable and non-biased to a single brand. (I used to work there, and the training is really in-depth - they know their stuff!)

Be prepared to spend a bit more on your skincare, particularly in winter, and also in the 3-6 month run up to your wedding. You will see a real difference. Cheaper products will usually contain a lot more 'filler' ingredients and none (or lower concentration) of the active and good stuff!

For hydration and plumpness to the skin you really need to be using a serum. A serum goes under moisturiser and will sink into the deeper layers of the skin, which is what makes a real difference to the texture, hydration and appearance of our skin. Your moisturiser goes on top, and acts as a protective barrier to the elements, heating, pollution and sun damage. I prefer to spend more on my serum and less on moisturiser personally as I feel the serum is what makes the real difference.

I bought the Rodial Dragons Blood XXL Plumping Serum £125. I have never spent this much on a serum, and did baulk at the price - BUT it does feel amazing and has made a big difference in just a few days. The key ingredient for hydration is Hyaluronic Acid (sodium Hyaluronate) If this appears in the ingredients list on a product in the first few listed, it contains a high content and will be a good one :)

Next I bought a new cleanser. I had been using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish over the summer which I do think is a great product and a good price - but it can be a little drying for me. I opted to switch to Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm £38. The oil texture feels much more comfortable and luxurious to use and leaves skin super soft and not at all dry. All skin types, including oily, will benefit from using an oil based cleansing balm. A common mis-conception is that oily skin should not be moisturised, and oily products will make it worse, but in fact depriving oily skin of moisture and oils will likely lead to it freaking out and producing more!

Lastly - a facial oil. I will be slathering on my new Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil £70 mostly at night, which promises to rejuvenate dull and lacklustre complexions, (yep, thats me!) balance and hydrate with Vitamin C, Amino acids, Omega 3, 6 & 9. Not sure I will use this in the day as it does smell a bit weird, apparently due to broccoli seed oil! But a good option for all skin types i'm told.

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