Trends 2018 - Should you follow them?

Should you follow current trends? The answer is, only if you LOVE them. I don't think trends should be a concern when planning your bridal hair and makeup, because you want a look that suits you (obviously) and one that will not date, which hot 'trends' generally do. I'm always a fan of timeless glamour!

They can be incorporated in a less theatrical way than they are on the runway though, and you might just fall in love with a trend!

Below are some 2018 Hair & Makeup trends that I love, and think can work for the chic Bride! :-

Lip Stains

For some people wearing a lipstick feels too heavy, so blotting it off or applying with a finger can give this affect. Or try a more glossy lip stain for a wet-look. I love the new Dior Lip Tattoo Lip tint

A Touch of Sparkle

A little glitter pressed over eyelids, or dabbed on inner corners, can look gorgeous, helps if you're Suki Waterhouse ;-)

Brushed up Brows

Less of the too-perfect insta brow is a good thing, IMO! This look is way more fresh and youthful. Give the trimming and tweezing a break for this effect!

Rose Tinted

Pink-y shades on eyes can be so pretty and will suit the feminine romantic bride.


Used liberally on the Rodarte runway, Gyp is still hot! Kristen Dunst does a more wearable version, with a bright lip looks fab.

Slick Hair

The wet-look may be a step too far for a wedding, but sleek up do's are popular at the moment, and will work well if you have poker straight hair :-)

Do you love any of these trends? Any you would avoid?

H x

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